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Throughout the construction industry, heavy equipment operators operate heavy equipment in the construction and maintenance of bridges, airports, roads, gas & oil pipelines, tunnels, and buildings. They are also used by the mining and logging industry to collect and transport materials throughout the worksite. Training is available throughout the United States and Canada from schools, universities, private facilities, unions, apprenticeships, construction courses, and on the job training. Choose your state or province below for heavy equipment operator construction training options in your area.

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Heavy Equipment Operator Jobs

Overall heavy equipment operator job outlook looks good for heavy equipment operators and will see average growth. The amount of growth is dependent on whether the federal government invests in the nations deteriorating infrastructure of roads and sewer. Another factor is the rise of energy production and the mining of oil and construction of pipelines and windmills.

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Heavy Equipment Operator Salary

motor grader

A general range for a heavy equipment operators salary would be $35,000 to $45,000.

Average earnings are around $18 an hour and vary depending on the segment of the industry. Due to a pile drivers and crane operator specialization they tend to make the most out of other heavy equipment operators.

Heavy Equipment Operator Job Description

Heavy equipment operators run and maintain various types of heavy machinery including bulldozers, motor graders, backhoes, excavators, and front end loaders. These machines are used to build roads, develop land, excavate earth, and assist in building construction.

The work environment is outdoors in all types of climate. In areas with a harsh winter, heavy equipment operators will have months off from work unless they are able to find work as a snowplow operator. The work is dangerous due to working with large and heavy loads. It is also common for operators to work late at night to work around deadlines and busy times of transportation. Additional skills such as GPS navigation and heavy machine maintenance give the operator an advantage. It may even be beneficial to get additional training as a heavy duty equipment mechanic.

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