Heavy Equipment Operator Training in Alberta Canada

Heavy equipment operator training in Alberta Canada is available in multiple forms. Before you begin searching for a training program, it is a good idea to identify if you have any experience that would benefit you such as: familiar with equipment, mechanics, operator safety, and industries that hire operators. Having  an understanding of these questions will help you determine the best school and training program for you.

Some of the types of training available are: apprenticeships, on the job training, university training, or learning from a paid heavy equipment operator training Alberta program.

Below are a few post-secondary institutions that offer heavy equipment operator training in Alberta:

Heavy Equipment Operator Training Alberta

Training by the International Union in Alberta Canada

Another great option would be to receive training from the local chapter of IUOE. Here you will earn quality training as well as build a network of relationships to support you throughout your career.

International Union of Operating Engineers Local No. 955

Heavy Machine Operators Must Have the Following:

  • Balance
  • Able to work at heights
  • Good judgement of distance
  • Past experience running tractors, military is a benefit.
  • Good health and physical condition
  • Ability to work in harsh weather conditions
  • Great eye hand foot coordination
  • Problem solver
  • Mechanically minded

Need helping choosing a heavy equipment training school right for you?

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