Heavy Equipment Operator Training in Northwest Territories

Heavy equipment operator training in the Northwest Territories is somewhat limited due to the number educational resources available. Your best option would be to either contact a construction or mining company and ask them if they offer an apprenticeship or general laborer position. Tell them you would like to learn to become an operator and ask their advice on how to train to become one in their company.

Heavy equipment operator training course in the Northwest Territories

Heavy Equipment Operator Training in Northwest Territories

Heavy Equipment Operator Program
Aurora College
Program Level: Non-postsecondary trade/vocational or pre-employment program
Credential Type: Certificate

The Heavy Equipment Operator Program is a five month program designed to train students to operate Heavy Equipment, namely, swing rig backhoes, crawler tractors, rubber tired loaders, trucks and motor graders. Students will be trained on two pieces of equipment and be certified to have the knowledge and skills for employment at a basic entry level. Employers would be required to provide adequate supervision and direction to assist the graduate in attaining the additional knowledge and experience necessary in achieving Journeyman status.

Aurora College
87 Gwich’in Road
Inuvik, Northwest Territories X0E 0T0
Canada Telephone: (867) 777-7800

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